65M5A 65-inch Super Interactive Flat Panel



Horion M5A smart interactive flat panel  

Wisdom is extraordinary

Professional all-round smart conference pioneer

Six reasons for choosing Horion interactive flat panel M5A model

Pleasant new image of high-end conference

 4 cm light and thin fuselage and ultra-narrow edge design lead to love at first sight;

The exquisite frame is polished by technology, and the high-end texture and taste are extraordinary.

Whole-machine design

One machine is stronger than six ones

Now you just need a Horion smart interactive flat panel, which can fully function as

«the six star players» of the traditional conference, namely electronic whiteboard,

projector, computer, audio equipment, TV set and advertisement  player.

For the first time, the zero fitting process is adopted

 to revitalize the visual sense.

The screen glass and display screen adopt the industrial zero fitting process.

The newly launched M5A series show more delicate picture quality and better

handwriting experience. They are designed with AG toughened glass,

anti-fingerprint coating and anti-glare protection layer.

13MP HD camera

Panoramic capture

The built-in HD image processing engine supports image motion compensation and color enhancement.

Point-to-point precise display technology provides you with clear and smooth pictures.

Built-in stereo high fidelity audio equipment

Makes impressive sounds

The high fidelity audio system makes you freely enjoy the cinema-level audio-visual sound effect.

Pleasant and beautiful high-quality sound.

8-way array microphone

Clear sound transmission

The 8m audio pickup distance can cover a 180° range from the front. Jointly developed

by top acoustic doctoral teams in the world, the intelligent acoustic algorithm supports

noise suppression, echo cancellation and beamforming, without missing every key detail.


Professional video conference

Distance is no longer a problem

The video conference supports mainstream video conference software, which is smooth

and stable with one second entry; the whiteboard interface can not only supports video

conference, but also let you share screen ,write and communicate online synchronously.

Smart whiteboard reconstructs conventional handwriting style

Touch handwriting, multi-point movement, erasure by back of hand, two-point scaling

and save the meeting minutes by scanning QR code ,USB, email etc 7 kinds of saving methods.

It supports the insertion of multiple media materials, and can also use the handwriting

recognition function to automatically convert the handwriting font into standard font.

All-powerful assistant

Every step is easy to practice

It is suitable for Android and Apple mobile phones,

tablet computers, laptops and other devices.

Independently developed screen mirroring system shows

you stable and smooth screen mirroring pictures.

All in one screen

You can see more in clearer way

4 kinds of devices can be mirrored on one screen, so the data tables can be compared clearly.

Mirror image reverse control

You can even operate the computer tablet on the interactive flat panel.

NFC screen mirroring

Quick screen mirroring by one touch

Prepare mobile phones with NFC function. After the NFC function is enabled,

approach the NFC area at the bottom of the machine. The devices can be

mirrored on one screen as fast as in one second.

Whiteboard wake-up

It can be done easily by one touch with intelligent NFC

Dual architecture CPU with powerful core

Stable and reliable performance

3G high speed storage + 64G large storage capacity make you enjoy faster

operation speed and worry-free storage! Easy to run large software, and

multi-task synchronous operation is no problem.

OTA system online upgrade

OTA online upgrade package is pushed every month, system version is updated every

month, third-party application extension is built in, and it supports Windows and

Android dual systems and system extension application after online installation.

New independently developed UI

You can find everything you want

You can complete your work easily by several steps